about us

Established in 2014, Performance and Recovery Systems (PRs) is a dedicated performance therapy clinic aimed at improving general wellness, physical performance and recovery for it's clients.  We specialize in muscular skeletal pathologies, facial restrictions, and movement disorders.

 PR's client demographic ranges from the competitive athlete to the general population.  Clients most commonly seen, but not limited to:  physique competitors, strength athletes, high school and college athletes, running enthusiasts, and those interested in health and fitness.  

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Owner, Jason Colley MsPT, CSCS, ART, graduated from the University of St. Ambrose with a double bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Strength and Performance.  He earned his graduate degree in Exercise Rehabilitation, also from the University of St. Ambrose.  Jason's work setting experience includes hospitals, chiropractic clinics, sports performance facilities, until finally deciding to open his own practice.  Regardless of your current level of fitness, PRs is here to help!